Rectangle Red are a Milton Keynes based software consultancy offering a wide range of computer programming services.

Bespoke Software

  • Automate repeating tasks
  • Get applications talking to each other
  • Increase quality of service
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Data Driven Websites

  • Publish your content for your users
  • Customers can input data
  • Eliminate rekeying of data
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Database Development

  • Database design and implementation
  • Performance tuning
  • Gathering data from other systems
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iOS and Android Apps

  • Promote your products and services
  • Share information with your customers
  • Let your clients share data with you
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Application Support

  • Support for applications written by others
  • Maintenance and updating of applications
  • Recovery of source code
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Virtual Helpdesk

  • Offer your customers a technical helpdesk
  • Technical presales support for your bids
  • Acting as employees of your company
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We are specialists in making software work with other software. Experienced in many varied and normally unconnected technologies.


  • Data Import and Export
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Add History and Links
  • XML API Usage
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RDB ProNet

  • Stored Procedure Customisation
  • Data Import and Export
  • Grid Reports
  • Reworking Email Attachments
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Access SelectPay

  • Data Import
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Integration with Goldmine
  • Reports
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Other Systems

  • Windows server apps
  • Linux applications
  • Database integrations
  • Webservice integrations
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About Us

We work for customers throughout the UK, thanks to excellent internet connections and being in one of the most central transport locations in the country.

We were established in 2007 and our experience covers a considerable range of solutions and technologies, applied to corporate companies, research labs, software houses, CRM consultancies and large management consultancies.

We have considerable experience working with smaller and medium sized businesses where we make a very real difference to our customers’ business success.

We have grown in each of the past two years, and in 2014 are expanding once again – we are looking forward to bringing our IT services to more businesses throughout the UK.

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