A Visual Basic to VB.Net Translator

Many of the sites and portals that we write are written in VB.NET, using “code-behind” pages. This utility helps generate code to paint an HTML page, or even to translate the action of an old ASP page in VB.NET.
Copy the text you want to convert in the top window, press the translate button, and the translated code is in the bottom window, from where you can copy and paste it anywhere you want in your VB.NET code. Very useful!

New in Version 002: Option to generate PHP code instead of VB.NET code.

Known Issues

This software is written and tested on Windows XP Professional, and though it should work on most recent versions of Microsoft Windows we have not tested it. If you have installed it successfully on other platforms, please drop us an email and tell us about it! It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later.


We find this program useful, so we provide it free of charge to anyone interested. We assert our copyright over this work. This program is provided with no warranty whatsoever, and is used at the users own risk.


Download the latest version 002 of the HTML / ASP to VB.NET / PHP translator here.

Download the original version 001 of the HTML / ASP to VB.NET translator here.