Expert Integration with Webservices on Windows and Linux Platforms

We are experts at integrating with existing systems, no matter how unusual.

Our Experience Integrating Different Technologies

We have excellent general knowledge of many technologies, including

  • SQL Databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL
  • Microsoft .NET technologies for web and Windows desktop use
  • Webservers, including Microsoft IIS, Apache2, and Apache Tomcat
  • Microsoft Office, integrating with Word, Access, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Cloud technologies, including building and maintaining a cluster of linux and windows servers

and many others. We integrate applications with

  • Content providers
  • Postcode systems
  • Delivery companies, including labelling
  • Identity verification services, including GB Group
  • Payment providers, including Paypal and Stripe

Why Use Us

We have a wide enough skillset that we can pick up new systems very quickly too. If you have some systems that you want to integrate, import or export data to or from, and you cannot find anyone with experience in it, contact us and we can talk you through some possible approaches. With our experience, we’ve seen it all, and advice is free!


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