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Deep Copying an Object in VB.NET

A curious omission in .NET is the ability to make a deep copy of an object which is independent of the original object – i.e. …

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SQL Server Queries – Stripping Extra Characters from the End of a String

Yesterday while implementing a particularly difficult SQL report query, I came across the following question: Given a String ‘This is a test, this is a …

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New Starter News

The Rectangle Red team expands again, with our new starter Andy Laird joining us. Andy brings considerable experience with over ten years experience in Microsoft …

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Installing Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 7

If you have a legacy application written in Visual Basic 6.0, you will find it difficult to install Visual Basic 6.0 on recent versions of …

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Tech Tip: Excel and Subtotals

If you use SUM() in Excel to calculate totals, you may want to know about the SUBTOTAL() function, which does a similar job, butbetter. SUBTOTAL …

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Tech Tip: Error “405 Method Not Allowed” when performing a PUT on IIS7

Todays thought is a spectacularly obscure “feature” in Microsoft’s IIS 7.0 web server. Credit to the Mindtouch Developer portal team for this one. To fix …

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