Fast SQL Server Inserting Data from .NET

Today we needed to insert a large amount (250,000 rows) of automatically generated data into a SQL Server database. Generating the data was very fast, but inserting each line with a SQL Insert statement, painfully slow, even if logging is in Simple Mode in the SQL database. So… we investigated the SQLBulkCopy function in .NET, but this is usually used … Read More

cliveFast SQL Server Inserting Data from .NET

Software Development Job in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

Rectangle Red are recruiting as of March 2014 – we are looking for another talented developer to join our growing team. Click here to see the main job specification and advert here and apply. If you’re a prospective job candidate, hello, and welcome! Please look at the main advert above for lots of details about skills we’re looking for, but … Read More

cliveSoftware Development Job in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

How Strong is Your Password?

Here’s a rather neat online tool which you can use to measure the strength of your passwords, which is directly related to how long the password is, and what character set you’ve used (a to z, or symbols, etc). Give it a password… or rather something that is like your passwords, but not your actual password (!), and see … Read More

cliveHow Strong is Your Password?

New Starter News

The Rectangle Red team expands again, with our new starter Andy Laird joining us. Andy brings considerable experience with over ten years experience in Microsoft development technologies, including .NET, together with an excellent knowledge of web technology and databases, a track record of developing innovative systems to tight deadlines, and has both an excellent customer focus and a can-do attitude. … Read More

cliveNew Starter News

Announcing Rectangle Red’s First iOS App

Here it is – we’ve finished the app we’d been working on in our spare time; a melodeon simulator for the iPad and iPhone! What’s a melodeon? A form of button accordion, which is played in many different styles around the world – see for more (much more) info! Does the world need a new melodeon app? Of course … Read More

cliveAnnouncing Rectangle Red’s First iOS App

Rectangle Red are Hiring (Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes)

We’re expanding and looking to hire a junior and a senior application developer! You’ll need experience and skill with Microsoft technologies (.NET in particular), relational database systems (e.g. SQL Server or MySQL), and to be a dab hand with the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, etc). We offer all you would expect – a competitve salary, opportunty to learn … Read More

cliveRectangle Red are Hiring (Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes)

Build your own QR code!

A QR code for Rectangle Red

A QR code is a (usually black and white) square graphic, like the one on this page. Typically, it holds a description of a web address, so that if you point a smartphone at it, it can decode the web address from the pattern, and jump straight to that web page. Try it with the one on this page! You … Read More

cliveBuild your own QR code!

Adventures in WordPress


I’ve been doing a few custom tweaks for the Stony Means Business website with Andrew from Meticulous Design this week; Andrew is the graphic guru behind the site’s look and feel, and I’ve been getting the online event registration module working properly. We’ve used the WordPress Event Registration plug in which I’ve modified slightly to make it work as we … Read More

cliveAdventures in WordPress

Automatic blog posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from WordPress


If use WordPress to power your site, you may find this is a rather neat little solution to the problem of keeping your social network streams ticking over. Install the SNAP plugin into your wordpress website / blog, configure, and your new posts on WordPress will get automatically published for you.

cliveAutomatic blog posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from WordPress

Garish Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

I was at a particularly interesting talk yesterday at where Tracy Spence of WSI Internet Marketing talked about the latest thoughts and trends in using social media to grow your business. A blog, such as this, is a good start, but it starts to become powerful once we give readers the ability to easily share information they find useful to their … Read More

andrewGarish Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn