We help you when legacy applications need to be kept running

If your business uses a program that has been specifically written for you and the contractor is no longer available then you have a potential problem.

How We Can Help

Business needs change and if your software is not being modified or something goes wrong then your business could find itself stuck.

This is a common problem when employing contract staff who move onto different projects, and can also happen if you have a permanent member staff who decides to move on.

We can help – we can examine the application, learn about it, and support it for you.

An example of how we have helped one of our customers:

On one project, the source code had been lost on a customer’s key system; all that was available was the executable program itself, but there was no means of changing it in any way. We reverse engineered the program, and recreated the source code enabling us to support the application again.

We like to help, and we don’t like to give up. If there’s a way to fix a problem, we’ll find it. If you have a similar issue,contact us and see if we can do the same for you!

What We Do

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