Our Wikipedia Screen Saver

We believe Wikipedia to be one of the most useful sites on the net – an up-to-date, free online encyclopedia covering any topic imaginable.

The Wikipedia screensaver loads random pages from Wikipedia every 30 seconds or so. Features include:

  • Configurable time delay between each page load
  • Can automatically kill IE and Firefox browsers on activation
  • Can be configured to kill any other program on activation
  • Blanks the screen completely after a configurable time

This is an old program; we wrote this a few years ago, and haven’t updated it in a while, but it seems to have attracted quite a lot of downloads in its time. It runs on Windows XP; in Windows Vista and Windows 7 it runs only if logged on as an admin user; not as a limited user. It does not yet run on 64 bit Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you have installed it successfully on other platforms, please drop us an email and tell us about it! It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later.

Known Issues

This software is written and tested on Windows XP Professional. Under Windows Vista, it runs only if logged in as an admin user; not as a limited user. It does not yet run on 64 bit Windows Vista.

Sometimes the Wikipedia website itself doesn’t quite paint a page correctly, which gives a Javascript error when the screensaver tries to display it. This is rare, and the error message can be ignored.


We find this program useful, so we provide it free of charge to anyone interested. We assert our copyright over this work. This program is provided with no warranty whatsoever, and is used at the users own risk.


Download version 001 of the Wikipedia Screensaver here.