We’ve taken 20 photos in Stony Stratford. Some easy to find, some less so. Can you find them all?

Walk around the highlighted streets on the map and look out for the pictures shown in the bar at the top of your screen. You can scroll through the photographs by sliding them left or right. When you think you have found the picture press on the image and then press FOUND IT! If you got it right the image will go green making it easier for you to see what pictures are left to find.

You do not need to go on private land, but you will need to be close to the image to register a ‘found it’. Fancy a break? Why not stop at one of the coffee shops and plan your next move whilst having a drink? Click on Coffee to find your nearest coffee shop; they are ordered with the one nearest to you at the top.

We hope you enjoy wandering around Stony Stratford – look around and see what interesting things you can find, drop in and do some shopping or maybe a spot of lunch.

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