We are experts in software integration and making systems work together.

We make your different software systems talk to each other, sharing data and keeping everything in sync. Our software integration skills keep data in separate systems stay in step automatically, avoiding manual rekeying, saving time and avoiding potential errors that can cause.

Some examples of the many different systems we work with regularly.

We are experienced in server applications, web based systems, databases, cloud based systems, AWS and Azure hosted applications. We use Windows, Linux and SQL technologies, working with back office and front end systems to achieve seamless results.

We also take on, support and continue to develop legacy systems for customers with existing business critical applications which need support.


We love Xero – in fact, we use it ourselves! And we have built My Books Analyst – an innovative backup, restore and reporting system using the Xero APIs.

  • Xero API
  • Data Import and Export
  • Data Backup And Synchronisation
  • Custom Reporting Tools
  • Trend Analysis

Winman ERP

We are one of the few 3rd party consultancies in the UK with thorough experience with customising the Winman ERP solution.

  • Database and Field Customisation
  • Data Import, Export and Sharing
  • Advanced Report Writing
  • Web Front Ends

Find out more here.

Payment Gateways

We have experience with a number of different payment solutions, in a variety of different environments.

  • Stripe – Fully Integrated Payment Management
  • Paypal – A Simple Payment Gateway
  • Worldpay – Used in Legacy Applications

Access Recruitment CRM (RDB ProNet)

We have provided 3rd party consultancy for this system for a number of clients, and are skilled at customisation and report management.

  • Screen Customisation
  • Data Import, Export and Sharing
  • Grid Reports
  • Advanced Use of SQL Stored Procedure API
  • Customisation of Outputs, Including Emails


We have many years experience working with FrontRange’s CRM and Sales Support solution. We have linked it to other systems, cloud based and server based.

  • Screen Customisation
  • Data Import, Export and Sharing
  • Field Level Audit Trails
  • Advanced Use of XML API
  • Web Front Ends


We have used Access Accounting’s Payroll Solution, importing and exporting data, and providing sophisticated reporting.

  • Data Import, Export and Sharing
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Transformation of  Outputs
  • Advanced Reporting

We Can Make Your Systems Work Together

We have considerable experience working with all kinds of systems, both in-house to our customers, and external systems from 3rd party providers, such as

  • Content providers
  • Postcode systems
  • Delivery companies, including labelling
  • Identify verification services
  • Payment providers, including Paypal and Stripe

Technologies we use include

  • Webservices
  • Data Import, Export and Sharing
  • Field Level Audit Trails
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Between Different Systems and Technologies

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    We are unaffiliated with First Choice Software, FrontRange or Access Accounting – so we can offer unbiased advice as to what each of these and other packages can and cannot do, and in what timescales.