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Stopping Microsoft Bouncing Email as Spam

Microsoft public email servers (e.g. seem to assume that any new SMTP server on the internet is a spammer unless you tell it otherwise. …

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Notes on Creating a Multidomain SSL Certificate on IIS7

Creating the CSR: Everything you need to know is here: Create a CSR with SHA256 signature algorithm Importing the certificate: Save the certificate to a .cer …

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Fast SQL Server Inserting Data from .NET

Today we needed to insert a large amount (250,000 rows) of automatically generated data into a SQL Server database. Generating the data was very fast, …

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Software Development Job in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

Rectangle Red are recruiting as of March 2014 – we are looking for another talented developer to join our growing team. Click here to see …

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How Strong is Your Password?

Here’s a rather neat online tool which you can use to measure the strength of your passwords, which is directly related to how long the …

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Deep Copying an Object in VB.NET

A curious omission in .NET is the ability to make a deep copy of an object which is independent of the original object – i.e. …

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