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Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Android Calendar Sync

My, this is harder than it needs to be. If you are using Office365, and have an address like, one of the big attractions ...
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Stopping Microsoft Bouncing Email as Spam

Microsoft public email servers (e.g. seem to assume that any new SMTP server on the internet is a spammer unless you tell it otherwise. ...
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Notes on Creating a Multidomain SSL Certificate on IIS7

Creating the CSR: Everything you need to know is here: Create a CSR with SHA256 signature algorithm Importing the certificate: Save the certificate to a .cer ...
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Fast SQL Server Inserting Data from .NET

Today we needed to insert a large amount (250,000 rows) of automatically generated data into a SQL Server database. Generating the data was very fast, ...
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Software Development Job in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

Rectangle Red are recruiting as of March 2014 – we are looking for another talented developer to join our growing team. Click here to see ...
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How Strong is Your Password?

Here’s a rather neat online tool which you can use to measure the strength of your passwords, which is directly related to how long the ...
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