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A simple fix to an annoying problem today. If you keep getting issues with creating a system repair disc under Windows 7, getting error 0x80070057, and you run Truecrypt, the encryption package, despite what the Microsoft forums will tell you, this is *not* an issue with your Windows 7 install, and running the system file checker will not fix it.

The answer is simply to unmount anyTruecrypt volumes you currently have mounted, and then create your repair disc. Truecrypt and the Windows 7 repair disc creating program do not play nicely.

If you haven’t met Truecrypt before, see – it’s a encryption package for encrypting computer drives – we use it on all our servers and laptops to keep customer data confidential in case of theft. If you’re not doing something similar already, we suggest that you should consider this to help meet your responsibilities for care of customer data under the Data Protection Act.