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A Web Based Layout Planning Tool for RhinoDeck

RhinoDeck is a free-standing lightweight modular decking system used in house construction to provide a loadable work platform during the build process, providing good access for men and materials and speeding up the build process.

The system is quick to install, dismantle and move but identifying the installation layout plan and the components required, was identified as a separate challenge as builds became bigger and more complex.

RhinoDeck Ltd are always looking at the changing market place and meeting these needs with innovation and new technologies; working safely at height within the latest regulations is paramount for them. So when RhinoDeck Ltd approached Rectangle Red to upgrade the Rhino calculator software to meet the challenges of the years ahead, we were delighted as we knew we would be working with a very forward-looking and motivated organisation.

“Rectangle Red listened to our needs, gave useful feedback and suggestions and most importantly were flexible enough to make changes to our evolving project as we went along.

From an outdated windows based system we now have a new web based solution, designed and built by the Rectangle Red team, which enables all our customers to access our software tools.  Starting with a simple pdf plan, the new system allows our customers to explore the potential of the RhinoDeck system, giving accurate equipment specifications and quotes, with a much more user-friendly interface.

Working with Rectangle Red has been very straightforward as they have always been available and responsive. The new RhinoDeck calculator will certainly save us and our customers, time and money enabling us to do what we do best, keeping people safe”.

– Robert Hall, Marketing Manager, RhinoDeck Ltd.

Read more about RhinoDeck here.

A Contractor Web Portal and Bespoke Payroll Calculation System for Orange Genie

Orange Genie are a contractor management company who support contractors, freelancers and temporary workers and provide a range of best value, compliant solutions tailored to their needs.

“For the past seven years, Orange Genie have used Rectangle Red to design, develop and maintain our highly innovative web portal solution used by our contractors and to provide the back office automation software that helps the company to perform hundreds of highly complex payroll calculations and payments each day, maintaining an excellent level of service.

Rectangle Red listens to our needs, and has the ability to produce innovative, cost effective and timely solutions to fulfil them. Our business is highly dependent on providing a reliable service to our customers, and Rectangle Red’s systems help us achieve that. “

– Graham Fisher, Group Managing Director, Orange Genie