UK Based Software Consultants

Rectangle Red are recruiting as of March 2014 – we are looking for another talented developer to join our growing team.

Click here to see the main job specification and advert here and apply.

If you’re a prospective job candidate, hello, and welcome! Please look at the main advert above for lots of details about skills we’re looking for, but here I will summarise, and give a few extra pointers about what we look for in a successful candidate.

If you can show us each of the following, you will do well:

1) You’re a natural programmer. Some people can program, and some can’t – we don’t particularly mind if you don’t have much experience, or have it in areas that aren’t directly related to what we do, but you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are a natural programmer – that you can write code without thinking particularly hard about it (about the coding anyway, about the business issue you’re trying to solve is a different matter!).

2) That being said, you should have a solid knowledge (at least) of the fundamentals of writing programs in a procedural language (e.g. Basic/C/C# etc), databases and how to query them, and web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc). If you have good or expert knowledge in these areas, all the better.

3) You can figure out new things quickly on your own initiative. Or even by using Google! We often come across issues in systems where there is no training course to help you learn how to maintain it; we have to figure it out with our intelligence and experience. Sometimes, the art is knowing exactly what question to ask Google or similar, and how to pick an answer out of the mountain of information that is returned.

4) You are good with people and can communicate clearly with all types of customer. We deal with everyone from CEO’s to technical and admin staff at customers, and you will need to be able to change your approach and language instinctively to communicate effectively.

5) You will need to be presentable. This is an office based job, and we don’t meet our customers every day, but from time to time we do. You need to look and act in a business like manner, and to be the sort of person a customer wants to work with.

6) You care about the quality of work, and that the customer is satisfied with work that you have done for them.

7) You must be either a EU citizen, or have a valid work permit. Sorry, but if you don’t, we legally can’t employ you, so please don’t waste your time.

If you believe you match each of those, you should be a very good match for what we’re looking for – send us a CV on the job page. Tell us a bit about yourself, and why you’re interested in this job in particular.

If you’re an agency, and you’ve read this far, you’re welcome to contact us too… but with 2 provisos. Firstly, please be aware that we don’t pay agencies “silly rates” – if you work with a high inflexible commission rate of the sort that large companies pay without thinking, you’re not for us. Secondly, please mention that you’ve read this page, and include the word “dogbot” in your message, just to show you’ve taken the time to read the page to the bottom!

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Clive Williams, Director