UK Based Software Consultants

The Job Specification

In the following description, we talk about essential, important and of interest skills. Essential skills are must haves for the role; important skills are skills we would very much like you to have, but are not essential for the job, and skills which are ‘of interest’ are desirable, but again not essential.


  • All candidates are expected to be professional in appearance and attitude, and to be thorough and careful in their work.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential, as is a patient and clear telephone manner.
  • A positive can-do attitude is essential .
  • A full driving licence is important (although the job does not involve much travel)
  • A valid work permit is essential where necessary. No application from a non EU citizen will be considered without evidence of a valid work permit.


  • Demonstrable skill with Microsoft Visual Studio – i.e. C# or a similar technology to produce web based and/or Windows applications is essential. For the senior roles, we would expect you to have a few years experience behind you. Experience of applying the ASP.NET MVC framework to real world applications is of interest. You can expect to be using .NET Core on many projects, though we do work with other technologies too.
  • Experience of developing for at least one of SQL Server, MySQL or something similar, being comfortable writing relatively simple SQL queries by hand, is essential. For the senior roles, again we would expect you to have being doing this for at least a year or two.
  • A good working knowledge of writing HTML and CSS is essential. Experience with Bootstrap and similar frameworks are of interest.
  • Experience of programming with Javascript is essential. 
  • Experience of at least one of the main Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue is important. If you do not have experience, it is essential that the ability to pick up the necessary skills can be demonstrated (we’ll probably ask you to build us a demo application to show that). We aren’t locked to a particular framework – we choose the best one for the job, so be prepared to meet lots of different environments, including some you won’t have seen before.
  • App development experience for Android and/or iOS is of interest, but not essential.
  • Experience of programming and integrating with Microsoft Office products – Access and Excel in particular – is of interest. You may not necessarily have done this before, but will be expected to pick up the necessary skills quickly.
  • Experience programming using APIs for business applications such as Goldmine or Sage is a bonus, but by no means essential.
  • Experience with using and writing shell scripts for Linux based systems is of interest, but again not essential.
  • An ability to learn quickly and not be put off by systems or technologies not encountered before is essential.

Who We Are Looking For

If you believe you match each of those, you should be a very good match for what we’re looking for – please send us your CV on the form on this page.

Apply Here

You can apply by sending us a CV here. Please take the time to read this page, and let us know why you would like to work for us!

Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc, Max. file size: 40 MB.

Yes, we know that list looks a little daunting, but bear in mind that you don’t necessarily need to tick all those boxes – there is a big difference between ‘essential’ (must have), ‘important’ (should have) and ‘of interest’ (a nice-to-have)! If you can show us each of the following, you will do well:

  1. You’re a natural programmer. Some people can program, and some can’t – we don’t particularly mind if you don’t have much experience, or have it in areas that aren’t directly related to what we do, but you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are a natural programmer – that you can write code without thinking particularly hard about it (about the coding anyway, about the business issue you’re trying to solve is a different matter!).
  2. That being said, you should have a solid knowledge (at least) of the fundamentals of writing programs in a procedural language (e.g. Basic/C/C# etc), databases and how to query them, and web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc). If you have good or expert knowledge in these areas, all the better.
  3. You can figure out new things quickly on your own initiative. Or even by using Google! We often come across issues in systems where there is no training course to help you learn how to maintain it; we have to figure it out with our intelligence and experience. Sometimes, the art is knowing exactly what question to ask Google or similar, and how to pick an answer out of the mountain of information that is returned.
  4. You are good with people and can communicate clearly with all types of customer. We deal with everyone from CEO’s to technical and admin staff at customers, and you will need to be able to change your approach and language instinctively to communicate effectively.
  5. You will need to be presentable. This is an office based job, and we don’t meet our customers every day, but from time to time we do. You need to look and act in a business like manner, and to be the sort of person a customer wants to work with.
  6. You care about the quality of work, and that the customer is satisfied with work that you have done for them.
  7. You must be a UK citizen, or have a valid work permit. Sorry, but if you don’t, we legally can’t employ you, so please don’t waste your time.