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An app to help with the Musical Aptitude Test

One of a series of specialist apps developed by Rectangle Red.

About This App

This app offers practice for various Musical Aptitude tests commonly used in school entrance exams in the UK, and in particular the 4-part standard Musical Aptitude Test as used in the admissions to some UK schools for the 2018 academic year.

We have built this app to be a realistic simulation of the tests we have encountered in 2017 and 2018, but clearly we cannot predict the content of all such tests accurately. Tests may vary from school to school, and from year to year. Some schools do an enhanced 7-part test which we do not simulate.


About The Test

This app simulates the standard 2018-style Musical Aptitude Test. This is a 4 part test:

  1. Higher / Lower: 20 questions. 2 notes are played and the listener must say whether the second is higher, lower or the same as the first note. Sometimes the notes are only a quarter-tone apart, so listen carefully.
  2. Texture: 20 questions. Also known as “chords”, this section plays a chord and the listener must say if the chord contains 2, 3 or 4 notes. This is by some distance
    the hardest part of the test.
  3. Melody: 10 questions. 2 sequence of 5 notes are played, which are either the same or have one note different. The listener must tell which note is different.
  4. Rhythm: 10 questions. 2 rhythms are played, which are either the same or different in one part. The listener must say whether they are the same, or if there was a difference, on which beat did the difference start.
    If the difference spans 2 beats (for example if a click is played late and misses the end of the 2nd beat, and enters the 3rd beat) it is the start of the differnce that is important – in this case, the 2nd beat.

Types of Test

You can practice each of the 4 types individually, or choose the full test to get 60 questions, mixed as 20, 10, 20 and 10 questions of each type like the real test.

In addition we have 3 types of test:

  • Practice: You will find out if you were right or wrong at the end of each question, and if wrong get the answer and have a chance to listen again to the question.
  • Exam: Like a real exam, you have a fixed time to answer each question, and you only get the results at the end.
  • Sudden Death: Keep going until you get one wrong. How many can you get?

Good luck! Remember, preparation is key and the more practice you do, the better prepared you will be.

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