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We had fun setting up a Draytek 2860 router to talk to O2’s Business Broadband Fibre service today; there is no documentation, and support staff, well meaning though they are, cannot tell the appropriate settings for a router either. This is largely because O2’s Fibre Business Broadband offerings are outsourced to Daisy Internet.

The following procedure should work on routers with their own fibre modems built in, such as the Draytek 2860 where the RJ11 output is plugged directly into the Draytek; the procedure for connecting via a second box (e.g. a BT Openreach box) is different.

To connect up to O2 Business Broadband Fibre, or indeed any other similar service outsourced to Daisy, try the following settings. Note that these are for fibre/FTTC broadband *only* in particular the VLAN setting on the first screen should not be set on other types of installation.

On General Setup/WAN1, set:

On WAN/Internet Access

On WAN/Internet Access/WAN1/Details Page

Put your O2 supplier username and password in the Username and Password fields under Service Name. Note that Fixed IP should be ‘No’, even if you have asked for a Static IP address.