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We are a custom software development company, designing web, app, server and database based solutions. We offer a complete software development service.

Based in Milton Keynes, we work UK wide. Our team of highly skilled all-round developers, each capable of capturing requirements and developing innovative solutions are here to help improve your business. Your consultant will handle the whole development cycle, from requirement capture to specification production to development to ongoing support.


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UK Based Development,
No Outsourcing

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Speak Directly to the

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Day Rates


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    We are UK based and you can talk directly to our developers. There is no helpdesk or sales function meaning you get timely decisions and solutions. We offer both online and face to face meetings; our customers are always welcome at our Milton Keynes office.

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    Each project has a lead consultant responsible for producing the solution exactly as you require, and you can speak directly to them for any reason.

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    All our work is carried out by our team in Milton Keynes. We do not outsource any work, overseas or otherwise making it easy for you to contact us and keep up to speed on your project.

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    You only pay for the work we do – there are no retainers or payments upfront helping you manage your budget.

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    You own the intellectual property of any work we do for you and once the project is complete there are no extra fees. We will of course provide any adjustments, updates etc. you desire as a separate project.

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    We provide solutions to many different industries and sizes of company, from startups to established businesses making us flexible to your needs.

We take great pride in our work and are delighted with the feedback we have received from our customers.


For each project, we firstly discuss your requirements at a top level and feedback a short summary of our understanding along with our recommendations, all of which is free of charge. This will also include our initial expectations as to the size and likely cost of the overall project.

We assign a consultant, who discusses in detail your project. This is the requirement capture stage and typically takes between 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. From this a requirement capture document is produced for you to give feedback and make any changes needed. Once agreed this document is the foundation to provide you with a formal project cost and timeframe.

Once this is signed off, it’s all systems go as we get started on your project. We provide feedback meetings every 2 to 3 weeks where we demonstrate progress. Any changes identified in these meetings can be fed back into the project so that the project delivers an ideal solution – often requirements are only evident once a prototype can be seen and tried.

Once complete, we deliver the end product to you for testing and continue to do changes as required. Following ‘go live’ we are here to provide ongoing support and upgrades as you need.

We operate transparent fees; every minute is accounted for and you are only charged for the work we do. There are no upfront costs, billing is monthly for work completed


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Bespoke Applications and Apps for Business

We design and develop solutions specific to your business needs. We integrate systems to work together, and build apps for internal and customer use that talk to those systems.

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Software and Apps for Startups

If you are starting a new business, we can design and develop the necessary software systems. Our expertise covers database, web, apps and telephony, making them all work together.

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Web Portals

We produce web and app based front-ends to your systems so that customers can create and track their orders, input data and access their records and data directly to and from your office systems.

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Legacy Applications

If you have a system developed by developers that have long disappeared, and can’t update or change it as a result, talk to us – we can take over support and development for you.


Applications We Integrate With:

Vue.js, React, .NET

.NET, Linux,
Windows Server

Azure, AWS,

Native Apps, Xamarin,
React Native, Flutter

SQL Server, MySQL /

PHP, WordPress,
Microsoft Access

Applications We Integrate With:


We are a small, capable software business consultancy offering flexibility and timely solutions . We have the resources to manage your project and the advantage of being small enough that your work is important to us. You can speak directly to our consultants, and the person that you meet when you discuss your project with us is the person who will be responsible for delivering it. You can phone them and meet them face to face as needed. Of course, there are other options – but consider these issues when choosing:

  • Do you have enough on-going work to justify hiring someone full time?
  • Are they going to be ongoing overheads?
  • How do you find the right person?
  • What are the recruitment costs?

Hiring the best talent is an extremely time-consuming and challenging process. Do you have the skills to measures capability?; We have evolved a recruitment methodology which ensures we hire the best staff available.

  • How can you communicate effectively with the developers, overcoming language barriers and time zone issues?
  • How will you know they will understand your needs?
  • How can you check that they have the right skills for the job?

Being UK based, there are no language or time zone barriers when communicating with our consultants. You can meet them face to face and see demonstrations of our work during the project giving you confidence that the project is moving in the right direction.

  • How do you know you’ve hired a good one? Doing so reliably is as difficult as hiring a permanent employee.
  • What happens when they move onto the next job? Will they still support you & Who looks after the project if they change roles?
  • How do you know you’ve hired who you think you have? Do they have the skills and experience they claim?
  • What happens when they move onto the next job? Will they still do support & who looks after the project if they move on? Is the code available and useable for others?

Our biggest asset is our staff – we put a lot of care and time into finding and selecting the right people. We look after our staff and our retention is excellent your projects are thoroughly documented and shared between different consultants, so you are well looked after in our company.

Our consultants are carefully chosen for their skillset, and you can meet them personally, face to face. When the project is delivered, our consultants are still available for support and ongoing changes. We also make sure we introduce other consultants to the project to ensure in the event of someone leaving, there is always someone familiar with your project.

  • Is your business important enough for them to take it seriously and use
    their best people?
  • Will the people you’re talking to in pre-sales be the people who actually
    work on it and do they understand your needs?
  • Will you end up talking to a helpdesk/sales function, who talks to a team
    leader, who talks to an offshore development team?
  • Will they simply outsource the work?
  • Day rates tend to be high.

We have no sales, pre-sales, or helpdesk function – the consultant you talk to will be the person responsible for implementing your project. All of our consultants are experienced, high quality developers that we take great care in recruiting. We do not outsource any work apart from graphic design and even then we work with a local company. Our day rates are typically half that of large companies and broadly similar to hiring a freelance consultant.