Imagine a world where customised WinMan ERP works smartly with the rest of your business.

We have extensive experience working with users of the WinMan ERP software to help them extend and customise the system to better suit business needs. Our range of customisation options can streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, and provide integration options with your other systems.

How would you feel if your users could work with your WinMan data through a web portal? We can even build custom web-based front ends to enable you to get the most out of the information stored in your WinMan ERP system.

Field Customisation

The stock WinMan ERP system is a great starting point, but the basic setup of screens, fields and tabs may not necessarily suit your workflow straight away.

We customise the way your WinMan application works by adding new custom fields to existing tabs, or even adding brand new tabs full of additional fields.

We enable you to store  data items within your WinMan Projects, Jobs and Tasks that are tailored to the way that you work.

Process Events

We implement custom business logic to your WinMan ERP installation through the Process Events system, letting your data work for you and with other IT systems.

Our business rules allow

  • Automatic updating of fields when another field changes
  • Preventing unauthorised updates / deletion etc
  • Custom prompts when data changes
  • Filtering of data that appears in drop down option lists based on user input
  • Storage/recall of data through the use of additional data tables and fields

Advanced Report Writing

We have many years of experience working with SQL-based databases, and write advanced custom reports for WinMan.

How would you like to be able to visualise the data locked within your WinMan installation to provide additional insight into the performance of your business?

We can report not only on WinMan’s built-in data, but also combine it with custom data stored within the WinMan database or even other SQL-based databases that you may have available to provide a complete picture of your organisation.

Custom Web Front-Ends

We are experienced in building web-based front ends/portals around WinMan data. Leverage the data stored in your WinMan ERP to provide online order tracking, CRM systems, document management systems and so much more.

Our web front-ends are completely bespoke and built to your exact requirements.

Custom Data

Do not be limited by the way that WinMan wants to store your data.

Additional data tables can store data outside of the main WinMan ERP table structure. Weintegrate this with the main WinMan ERP data through the Process Events system described above, or via custom database triggers.

Find Out More

You have a choice – continue to use WinMan as you already do and put up with those niggles and things that don’t quite work as you’d like, or if you think things can be improved, you could research which companies have the skills and experience with WinMan to help.

Or simply send us a message on the form below, talk through your wish list and let us use our skills and experience to help you.

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